A playful summer in Wageningen

I live in Wageningen, a small city in the heart of the Netherlands. This year I’m very happy to be involved in the organization of  “Cultuur on tour” (CoT)   together with Lookman Erfgoed en cultuur.   CoT challenges children of all abilities to experience and discover in a playful way theater, art, film, music and sports.  All events and  activities are organized by local organizations.

A child making giant bubbles


100 municipalities

City of Leiden winner most play-friendly municipality award!

New logo!

Attention for accesibility at the Dutch Leisure trade expo Hardenberg 2021

Inclusive play in the city of Assen Netherlands

DCDD Quick guide Inclusive Education

Most important barrier for active inclusion play isn’t fysical

Efteling inclusive playground Nest! open

Inclusive playground in Jordan, Za’atari Refugee Camp

Workshop Inclusive Play municipality of Breda


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