Welcome in our Inclusive Playground!

This year, 2022, Utrecht celebrates 900 years of city rights. From 2the of June to 11 th of November, the city will be bustling with Utrecht900 festivities. The theme of Utrecht 900 is “Beyond walls”. Let people from Utrecht who have never met meet each other. Such a theme fits in perfectly with ‘SamenSpelen’, Inclusive Play..

Empowerment by Playing has contributed to a tough project proposal. .Welkom in onze samenspeeltuin – Utrecht 900

Initiators are: the seven inclusive playgrounds of Utrecht, WheelChairSkilssTeam, Utrecht Playground advisors.

In the beginning of June 2022 we heard that the project had been honoured and that it was one of the 5 example projects. We are very proud of this. With a grant from the VSB Fund and St. Het Gehandicapte Kind we can now start the work!

The role of Empowerment by Playing is to develop the content of the fieldtrips. The teaching materials, the programme at the playgrounds and the challenges. Of course in cooperation with the initiators. Around the week of accessibility (end of September, beginning of October 2022), 42 Utrecht school classes from Primary Education and Special Education will be able to go on a Samenspeeluitje together and experience how great the playgrounds are and how much fun it is to play together.


Cool, SpelenMaaR spring break

SpelenMaaR inside winter edition

An immediately playable and inclusive Christmas gift for you

Freshmen from the Johannes Fontanus Technasium in Baraneveld designed an inclusive play ground

Nüdel Kart

Conference outdoor play in Wageningen

Watch the video of the SamenSpeelUitjes (Inclusive PLay Events)

SamenSpeelUitjes (Inclusive Play Events) spring 2023

Workshop Inclusive play municipalities West Brabant West

Discovering your talent with the Nüdel Kart


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