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At the invitation of the municipality of Halderbergen, Suzanne van Ginneken of Speelnatuur and Ilse van der Put of Empowerment by Playing jointly conducted a workshop on Inclusive Playing. Participants were play and public space officials from the West Brabant West municipalities of Rucphen, Zundert, Roosendaal, Moerdijk and Halderbergen. Etten-Leur unfortunately could not attend.

The training consisted of a theoretical part where Ilse explained a what inclusive playing is, why it is so important and what the most important current developments are for municipalities. Suzanne then takes over and gives an outline of the main design points and applies them with the participants to a design of a playground or park in the neighborhood, provided by one of th eparticipants. The second part is a visit to one or more neighborhood playgrounds.  This time it was the public playground near the church in Moerdijk.  The participants are given the opportunity to explore the playground while riding in a wheelchair or walking with a cane. Then theory and practice come together in a concluding discussion. In short, it is a training that provides a solid basis for further work on the subject. Interested? Please contact Ilse or Suzanne info@speelnatuur


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