Welcome in our Inclusive Playground!

inclusive mary-go-round

This year, 2022, Utrecht celebrates 900 years of city rights. From 2the of June to 11 th of November, the city will be bustling with Utrecht900 festivities. The theme of Utrecht 900 is “Beyond walls”. Let people from Utrecht who have never met meet each other. Such a theme fits in perfectly with ‘SamenSpelen’, Inclusive…

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Organization of the sixt meeting of the Samenspeelnetwerk

Empowerment by Playing organises the content of the sixth meeting of the Samenspeelnetwerk on behalf of Ruimte voor de Jeugd and the SamenSpeelNetwerk. The meeting takes place on Thursday 30 June at Playground33 in Amersfoort. The theme of the meeting is: From playground to inclusive play. The previous five meetings were due to covid restrictions,…

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Successful kick off SpelenmaaR

Saturday 18 of June was the official kick-off of SpelenmaaR at playground Tuindorp. The playground was the scene of the annual midsummer festival that day.A lot of children started working with the loose materials. Huts appeared and disappeared again, an elephant was let out, inventions were made, sword fights were held and much more. Besides…

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Workshop Inclusive Play SBB Gagelbos – Utrecht

SBB, is the Dutch State Forest Conservation organization. SBB has 56 “Speelnatuur” areas. Gagelbos in Utrecht is one of these. Access to the Speelnatuur is free. But access isn’t easy or even possible for everyone. SBB wants to make the Speelnatuur more accessible and playable for visitors with disabilities.  SBB wrote its own guide to…

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Coming to Holland

Emily Perl Kingsley and three sesam street puppets

During my visit to Inclusion Matters in LA, I talked to several people about what it is like to raise a child with a disability in the US in LA.In those conversations people often referred to the story “Coming to Holland”. I had no idea what they were talking about and I am from Holland!It…

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Freedom with boxes

On the 30th of June, there will be another meeting of the “Samen Speel Netwerk”. The theme of the meeting is “From play equipment to inclusive play”.In preparation for this  I ‘m researching this interesting proces. This picture of a  a child crawling out of a box was taken during the May 5th liberation festival…

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SpelenMaar Pop up Loose parts playground

three children playing with loose parts

Children in the Netherlands play less and less outside, also children in Wageningen. The corona crisis has reinforced this negative trend. To turn the tide, I started SpelenMaar together with Johanna Schröder and Franziska Nath from Creatiefhuis Wageningen. SpelenMaar is a pop up loose parts playground. At the end of March 2022 we received a…

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The meaning of the rollerslide

On the 30 of June there will be another meeting of the “SamenSpeelNetwerk“. The theme of the day is “The sense and nonsense of playground equipment fo rinclusive playr”. A tantalising theme, worthy of a House of Commons debate! In the coming weeks I am going to explore the subject a little. I recently had…

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